Cockt-AI-l / Potionseller

Yes… it has something to do with AI and Cocktails!

First things first: Video

Potionseller Beta

The Potionseller (previously Cocktai-AI-l) is a little device which creatively makes cocktail recipes!

How does it work?

The user defines all the ingredients the AI can use for the cocktail recipes. In addition to that can the user set adjective the AI uses to generate the cocktail name.

Every time the button is pressed, some random ingredients from the users definition get selected and sent to the AI along with some example recipes and example names for inspiration.

The AI returns a cocktail name and recipe which gets printed by a thermal printer to a receipt.
Maybe you noticed that the printer pauses 2 times while printing the recipe. During those pauses the AI thinks about the cocktail. It really takes that long :D

AI what?

Maybe you know ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a frontend and environment for an AI model named GPT3.5. The environment part tells the Model what it is and and what it has to do. In ChatGPTs case: beeing a personal assistant.

Potionseller is an environment for GPT3 which tells the GPT3-Davinci-002 model that it is a cocktail mixologist and motivates it to create cocktail recipes and names.

Why GPT3 and not GPT3.5? Because GPT3.5 is not as fun as GPT3. It is available through text-davinci-003 but I use text-davinci-002 for the Potionseller.

And therefor yes: I did not train my own model, I use the pretrained OpenAI GPT3-davinci-002 Model.

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