Cerealizer Concept

Cerealizer Control Board

The cerealizer control board is a custom designed PCB which is the motherboard of the Cerealizer. The CCB is powered by an ESP8266 based microcontroller. I use a clone of the popular Wemos D1 mini.

The functionallity of the CCB is very similar to any CNC board availible on the market. Which means that it has a controlling unit and driver for actors. But in addition to that I added an UART interface as a controller interface.



The Wemos D1 mini microcontroller has builtin WiFi which could be used to provide an over-the-air update system in future versions of the firmware.

Stepper controller

The CCB has 8 stepper controller for 8 different ingredients.

Shift register

The uses a shift register to control up to 8 stepper motors via two pins of the microncontroller. The implementation for this feature is already complete. More information can be found in the firmware wiki.

Voltage regulator

Version 1 of the board has two voltage regulators. One is intendet to regulate the input voltage to 5V. Those 5V are used to power the microcontroller. The second regulator was intended to regulate the input voltage for the stepper controller. The second regulator may get removed in the second revison of the CCB.


Revision 1

First revision. Work arrounds needed to make it function.

Revision 2

The second revision fixes some wiring bugs.

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